Rwanda has a population of approximately 11.3 million people which is dominated by young people with a median age of 19 years and a population growth rate of 2.6%. The GDP of the economy is 4,685 Billion Rwanda Francs (at constant 2011 prices) with an average growth rate of 7.12% over the last 5 years.

Labour force profile in construction sector

The Construction establishments in the private sector in Rwanda have 13 principal activities, with most of them doing more than two activities. The main activities in the construction sector include site preparation, construction of buildings, construction of utility projects, electrical installation, building completion and finishing, real estate and construction of other civil engineering projects to mention but a few. The principal activity that most establishments participate in is site preparation with a proportion of 29.4%, electrical installation 10.6%, and building completion and finishing 7.1%. The sector is dominated by medium establishments, which account for 44.6%. Large establishments account for 33.7%, whereas both small and micro establishments have a proportion of 10.8% each. Current labour units The construction sector in Rwanda had a total of 5,043 labor units employed as Managers, Professionals (Engineers), Liberal Professionals, Technicians and Artisans. The sector depends mainly on casual laborers, who accounts for 78.9% of the labor units. Managers accounted for 5.6%, Scientists 5.7%, Liberal Professionals 1.9%, and Technicians 7.9% of the labor units within the sector. There are large proportions of foreigners in key occupations in large establishments in the four key subsectors in the Construction industry, namely: Site Preparation, Construction of Utility Projects, Building Completion & Finishing and Construction of Buildings. Foreigners tend to dominate in key occupations including Scientist Professionals, Technicians and even Artisans. Women are underrepresented in all the occupations. In the large establishments, the industry lacks qualified Rwandans in the following professionals, and thus relies on foreign labor. o Civil Engineers o Mechanical Engineers o Electronic Engineers o Electrical Engineers o Building Construction Artisans (Laborers).

1. Managers Existing No. Labor Units Women Expatriates
Managing directors and chief executives 971413
Construction managers 7238
Finance managers 47133
Human resource managers 2163
Sales and marketing managers 1115
Supply, distribution and related managers 830
Policy and planning managers 501
Business services and administration managers not elsewhere classified 531
Research and developmentmanagers 500
GDP (Billions FRWs(Constant 2006))401
Health services managers 321
Real estate agents and property managers 210
Retail and wholesale trade managers 100
Total 2814636
2. Scientific Professionals Existing No. Labor Units Women Expatriates
Civil engineers 149827
Mechanical engineers 3108
Building architects 3023
Electrical engineers 2606
Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified 1710
Electronics engineers 1100
Environmental engineers 821
Landscape architects 802
Town and traffic planners 400
Cartographers and surveyors 210
Total 2861447
3. Liberal Professionals Existing No. Labor Units Women Expatriates
Accountants 46164
Training and staff development professionals 2000
Employment agents and contractors 900
Lawyers 811
Information and communications technology sales professionals 500
Financial and investment advisers 300
Financial analysts 310
Management and organization analysts 100
Environmental protection professionals 100
Advertising and marketing professionals 100
Social work associate professionals 100
Total 98185
4. Technicians Existing No. Labor Units Women Expatriates
Civil engineering technicians 10688
Construction supervisors 8313
Electrical engineering technicians 74215
Mechanical engineering technicians 55415
Electronics engineering technicians 51030
Draughts persons 2520
Chemical engineering technicians 300
Total 3971771
5. Artisans Existing No. Labor Units Women Expatriates
Building construction laborers 122856300
Stonemasons, stone cutters, splitters and carvers 1013200
Odd job persons 43140
Sweepers and related laborers 356490
Civil engineering laborers 19540
House builders 12850
Concrete placers, concrete finishers and related workers 9600
Bricklayers and related workers 72020
Plumbers and pipe fitters 4601
Lifting truck operators 4434
Security guards 4111
Heavy truck and lorry drivers 4001
Carpenters and joiners 3900
Messengers, package deliverers and luggage porters 3710
Locomotive engine drivers 2700
Roofers 2250
Floor layers and tile setters 18013
Secretaries (general) 1771
Plasterers 1520
Welders and flame-cutters 1308
Painters and related workers 900
Receptionists (general) 860
Insulation workers 700
Building structure cleaners 700
Building and related electricians 700
Electrical mechanics and fitters 700
Crane, hoist and related plant operators 604
Interior designers and decorators 500
Information and communications technology operations technicians 500
Building frame and related trades workers not elsewhere classified 500
Metal working machine tool setters and operators 500
Earthmoving and related plant operators 500
Office supervisors 420
Administrative and executive secretaries 421
General office clerks 420
Legal secretaries 320
Glaziers 303
Spray painters and varnishers 300
Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers 300
Building caretakers 100
Electronics mechanics and servicers 100
Mechanical machinery assemblers 100
Total 3,981171357